Message from the General Manager

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ahli Microfinance Company, the first private-sector microfinance company in Jordan, has managed to set an example in Jordan particularly and the region in general. The company's march was crowned by success at many occasions that contributed and still contributing towards creating a better economic and social environment for individuals and communities as a whole.

Ahli Microfinance Company was established sixteen years ago, and it is fully owned by Jordan Ahli Bank. Since then, clear objectives were put in place, to increase market share and to emphasize on the company’s role in economic and social development through giving the opportunity for small business and low income entrepreneurs to develop their businesses; Thus, AMC has already helped them starting small businesses that generate convenient monthly income and create several job opportunities. The company has achieved these goals despite facing various challenges.

AMC started the march of change by introducing a new slogan "Beginning of Change" reflecting the spirit of change and representing continuous development and progress in the company. To this end, the company

(1) opened, relocated and renovated several new branches, thus; to reach out for different areas in the Kingdom where the total number of AMC branches is now more than fourteen.

(2) The company has also allied with several institutions specialized in training to develop, train, enhance and build capacities of our employees, on all levels, be it technical, professional or even life skills such as: Managerial Skills, Marketing and Time Management; for them to be able to match the Company’s pace.

(3) In addition to, attracting many competent and experienced employees in microfinance including, consultants of specialties sharing their experiences to provide high quality services.

Finally, I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to all our partners who contributed to the achievement of our objectives in line with the vision and mission of the company. I also thank and appreciate all my colleagues who committed to achieving the vision of HM King Abdullah II to secure the well-being of the local community and provide better services for the welfare of the nation.

.God bless you, and my sincere wishes for you and the company

Fadi Shalabi

Our Branches