Quick Loan Company Launches A Guidance Program In Jordan

Ahli Microfinance Company launches a guidance program for its clients

Ahli Microfinance Company launches a guidance program for its clients


Ahli Microfinance Company AMC, a subsidiary of the Jordan Ahli Bank, has launched the first guidance program for microfinance clients in cooperation with “Mowgli Foundation of Jordan”, whereas AMC branch managers took a part as being the leaders, where they attended a workshop that included group meetings with a number of AMC’s clients, in order to build a relationship of cooperation, partnership and guidance for a full year, mentioning that there will be workshops and similar programs in the coming period.

AMC General Manager said: that he considers this activity as a courageous and important step for excellence that the company exercises through developing a true partnership between branches and clients, but this time it is through branch managers direct participation with their expertise and experience in financing new projects, developing the existing ones and the development of managerial and marketing skills necessary for a successful project.

General Manager considered this program as an important enhancement to the programs and activities held consistently by the company in the field of social communication with clients, especially that the company considers the positive social influence as one of its most important objectives. General Manager added: that this activity completes the social events held by the company (such as free medical days, life insurance, free membership in "Care" program provided by King Hussein Cancer Center, sponsoring several bazaars for marketing clients products, in addition to the activities developed by the company as part of its future plan).

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