Staff of Quick Loan Company Completed A Training Program In Amman

AMC Staff Complete Training Program

AMC Staff Complete Training Program

Al Rai Newspaper


Sunday 31 July 2011

AMC Staff Complete Training Program

Ahli Microfinance Company graduated the first stage of the longest training program under the super vision of CMC locally and regionally recognized institution for its experience and reputation. This stage, lasted for six months and included many employees from different positions and branches in the various cities of the kingdom, will be followed by a second one that will be finished at the end of this year.

AMC's General Manager said that he is confident that this program will have great positive effects on the staff's performance explaining that the company's has an on-going staff development policy to keep in line with the requirement of the sector of microfinance. A highly active industry with continuous updates and developments that requires following up and updating of its staff and employees managerial and technical skills.

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