A Client Of Best Loan Company Wins International Award In Jordan

AMC Client Wins International Award

AMC Client Wins International Award

Alghad Newspaper


Thursday 9 June 2011

AMC Client Wins International Award

Amman- Eftikar El-Shikh has won one of Arab Countries Microfinance Network (Sanabel) awards for her project financed by Ahli Microfinance Company. This project is one of the success stories supported by the company. The project prize had been announced during the opening of the 2nd international conference held by Sanabel Network in Amman during 7-9 June.

The winning project was at its launch in 2002 merely a small kindergarten in Marj Elhamam, but thanks to the enormous efforts of the owner and the support of AMC the small kindergarten grows into nursery, kindergarten and elementary school and staff of the project increased from only 4 to over 30 between teachers and administrative staff.

According to the project owner, the relation with the company started with a small loan that did not exceed 2000 JoD, and with the passing of time the client received five loans the last of which were 9000 JoD

On the other end, AMC General Manager stated that "the project is a clear evidence on the activity of our microfinance clients. The company is proud to see that one of the loans it granted has created thirty new job opportunities in a single project" General Manager pointed that Mrs. Iftikar earned this recognition for her hard work and commitment and praised the efforts of the company's staff at Bayader Wadi Elsir branch.

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