One Of Financing Projects Companies In Jordan, Amman Gives Awards

Beneficiary Wins King Abdullah II Award for Free Works and Entrepreneurship

Kawthar Ghaleb Taym, one of the beneficiaries of Ahli Microfinance Company, won King Abdullah II Award for Free Works and Entrepreneurship for the year 2014, as organized by The Employment and Development Fund.

Taym expressed her gratitude for this Award which came after she was nominated by Ahli Microfinance Company, as she received financing from the Company to start her accessories and beads handicraft project, indicating that she could purchase the necessary tools and materials with the help of the financing, from which she was able to support her family comprising of four children, educate them, and secure their future, stressing on the point that she generates a decent income from this project, and that she will always be keen to develop the project through taking other financings from Ahli Microfinance Company.

The General Manager of Ahli Microfinance Company, stressed that the role of the Company is vital to supporting and highlighting the effective achievements of micro project owners in pushing the national economy, eliminating poverty, in addition to raising awareness and appreciation of effective contributions that were realized as a result of the pioneering individual micro projects.

General Manager also added that the Company is always keen to enhance the level of micro projects and push its beneficiaries to attend the various international events which support them materially and immaterially, and highlight the efforts of its distinguished beneficiaries who could attain major successes in their various sectors, and who were nominated to participate in various recognized awards.

It is worth mentioning that Ahli Microfinance Company, one of Jordan Ahli Bank Companies, works in the microfinance sector since 1999, and renders its services through its widespread branches in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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