Quick Loan Company In Amman Honors Beneficiaries Of Student Loan

Ahli Microfinance Company Honors Beneficiaries of "Dirasati" Loan in the Occasion of their Graduation

Ahli Microfinance Company honored beneficiaries of Dirasati Loan in the occasion of their graduation.

Following this occasion, The General Manager of Ahli Microfinance Company, expressed that the management is delighted that beneficiaries of Dirasati loan graduated, completed their university studies and settled the amounts due on them through the easy installments set by the Company.

General Manager also stressed on the importance of this loan in enabling beneficiaries to continue their university studies, and challenge their financial difficulties that restrain them from completing their studies.

General Manager also indicated that Ahli Microfinance Company is distinguished in offering banking solutions that fall under lending programs and microfinance projects, and putting the same in the hands of its beneficiaries. He added: "Ahli Microfinance Company believes in the right of students in regular education without facing financial challenges, which ultimately will enable them to professionally enter the job market while pushing the national economy and enhancing their standards of living".

The beneficiaries also expressed their gratitude for Dirasati Loan as offered by Ahli Microfinance Company, emphasizing that this educational loan enabled them to continue their study journey to ultimately enter the job market.

It is worth mentioning that Ahli Microfinance Company, one of Jordan Ahli Bank Companies, works in the microfinance sector since the year 1999, and renders its services through its widespread branches in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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