One Of Microfinance Companies In Amman Obtains Golden Award

Ahli Microfinance Company Obtains Golden Award in Paris

Ahli Microfinance Company Obtains Golden Award in Paris

Ahli Microfinance Company (AMC), a subsidiary of Jordan Ahli Bank, obtained a golden award in the 17th International Star for Leadership in Quality, in Paris.

Obtaining this award, with the participation of 74 Arab and Foreign countries, companies and institutions, is not new for AMC, proud of being the first MFI on both local and regional levels holding the “ISO 9001:2008”.

AMC’s General Manager, assured that the company is meeting the needs and expectations of its clients through providing high quality financial services, products and solutions with international specifications and standards. Whereas AMC’s high quality financial products are due to its strict commitment to quality standards.

Clarified that the importance of this award lies in the fact that AMC is following a clear identified quality policy, which contributes to improving the level of financial services provided to clients, providing latest updates in this regard, in addition to implementing and updating Quality Management System in compliance with the nature of AMC’s businesses and systems, moreover encouraging the company’s employees to continue their efforts, to achieve the company’s objectives and commitment in quality.

Worth mentioning; AMC is a subsidiary of Jordan Ali Bank, operating in the private sector of microfinance since 1999, providing its services through a network of branches around the Kingdom.



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