Kawthar Taym

Kawthar Taym

Ahli Microfinance Company is in The Heart of Kawthar Taym Success Story

Kawthar Taym won King Abdullah II Award for Free Works and Entrepreneurship for the year 2014, as organized by The Employment and Development Fund, after Ahli Microfinance Company, Al-Hashmi Branch, nominated her as one of its distinguished beneficiaries.

Taym stated that her ambition with Ahli Microfinance Company exceeds real time expectations, as she is always keen to expand her project. Thus, she received her first financing from the Company in 2013 with the amount of JD 900 to establish her beads handicraft project, through which she was able to purchase the necessary tools, which in turn facilitated and improved her work and offered her a decent income. When Taym settled the first financing, she took another with the amount of JD 1200.

Taym also indicated that her ambition is to expand her project, in a manner that improves the standard of living of her family too, the issue that pushed her to settle the first financing to take another from Ahli Microfinance Company.

Kawthar talks about her pleasure when she was first received by the Company's team, and when they supported the idea of her project, did a feasibility study and financed her project.

Kawthar added that she could provide an income for her family, which comprises of four children, and support them through her beads handicraft project, and that she is always keen to expand and improve her project.

Kawthar admitted that hope is now a priority to her, after she was frustrated when she was not able to support her children, and that the project had positive impacts on her life as she learnt driving and bought new furniture while her average income now exceeds JD 200, while she is able to secure the future of her children.

We can see Kawthar as an ideal example for ambitious productive women who wish to improve their standard of living and achieve economic sufficiency.

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