Eftikar Al-Sheikh

Eftikar Al-Sheikh

Eftikar Al-Sheikh: "Yes, there is a difference"

Only with a JD2650 microfinance loan from AMC, Mrs. Al-Sheikh saw her dream come true. The loan was intended to expand her "Dar Al-Aman" kindergarten which she started in 2003. In 2006, Mrs. Al-Sheikh got the first loan and began implementing her ambitious plans to grow in the education industry.

Three other loans from AMC, her strong will and continuous hard work, made Mrs. Al-Sheikh proud of what she has achieved. Her business capital tripled, from JD10,000 to 30,000, with a monthly income of more than JD2,500, and the kindergarten is now the main source of income for the families of her seven employees.

This year, Mrs. Al-Sheikh's accomplishment was honoured by an award from an international conference organised in Amman by 'SANABEL'. This outstanding success wouldn't have seen the light without her industrious work and continuous efforts, embraced by the financial support of AMC. Despite the many obstacles and z that her business underwent, Mrs. Al-Sheikh set a wonderful example of commitment, which was equally met with commitment, cooperation and flexibility from AMC that "made the difference".

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